Student services

Alpha College is dedicated to ensuring a seamless and enriching experience for students in Canada through its comprehensive student services. From the moment students arrive in Canada, Alpha College makes sure to provide support to all international students.

Immigration support

Learn what support Alpha College offers to students with immigration questions.

Housing Support

Our housing support offers resources to students to find living arrangements during their academic journey.

Student counselling

Student counseling provides confidential support, promoting well-being to all students through professional guidance.

Academic advising

The academic advising offers meetings in person or online, empowering students to navigate their educational journey

Health Insurance

All full time Alpha College students are covered by Health Insurance. Explore your health insurance and what it offers.

Academic Calendar

Learn the most important dates of your academic semester, such as mid terms, final exams and deadlines.

Course list

Explore the different courses that your program offer and plan for the next courses you will take in your academic journey with Alpha College.

Career Centre

Discover opportunities at Alpha College's Career Centre, with resources to help you develop your career.

Community Services

Discover community services, such as hospitals, clinics, libraries, religious organizations, and more close to Alpha College.

Embassy & Consulates

Learn more about embassy and consulate offices that are located in Toronto/GTA and can provide assistance for international students.

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January 2024

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