Health Insurance

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or if you are outside North America

Claim form

Whenever you need to submit a claim, you will need to fill this form and submit with the necessary documentation.


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Seeing a Doctor

Finding a doctor in Canada might be a different experience from your country. Click here and read how to find a doctor!

How to submit a Claim

A useful guide on how to submit your health insurance claims. If you have doubts about it, this guide is for you!

Insurance Website Guide

A helpful guide on how to use your insurance website and all the services it offers to you

mental health

When we hear those words, many of us feel uneasy, because we don’t understand what it is. Click here and find out more about it!

Do you want to know more about the Health Insurance? Read more about the Policy Summary below:


 ● Non-Canadian Students under age 70 enrolled and attending classes at Alpha Academy. 

 Pre-existing condition coverage

 ● Covered for unexpected emergencies if stable for 90 days prior to the start of the policy.

 Eligible Medical Expenses

 ● Emergency medical treatment for unforeseen sickness or injury.

 Follow-up Visits

 ● Covered as long as it is medically necessary and approved  by the emergency assistance team.

 Physician/ Surgeon/ Anaesthetic

 ● Yes.

 Registered Graduate Nurse

 ● Yes.

 X-Ray & Laboratory Examination

 ● Yes.

 Eye Examination

 ● $100 for one eye examination provided a minimum of 6 months of consecutive coverage has been purchased.


 ● Yes.

 Travel Outside of Canada

 ● Covered provided you spend at least 51% of your covered time in Canada. Travel in the United States of America (USA) is limited to 30 days per trip. 

 Claims Procedure

 ● Consult the claim guideline in your policy wording or in the Services section of

 Annual Body Check-up

 ● $150 for one annual medical examination provided a minimum of 9 months of consecutive coverage has been purchased


 ● Please see policy wording for full details