Tips for online exams

The midterms are already almost here!

We know that for some students, taking an online exam is a completely new experience, so we have prepared 6 tips to help you preparing and performing at your best on your online exams!

1 – Obviously, study!
Assure you read all the material your instructor shared with you, including presentations, books, articles, and your own class notes. Even if you are having an open book exam, make sure you are familiar with the material so you don’t waste time hunting for it.

2 – Understand the test format and instructions
Ask your instructors what kind of questions they will use (multiple-choice, fill-in, short answer, essay) so you can prepare accordingly. Also, make sure to read all instructions carefully so you understand what you are expected to do and how much time you will have to write the exam.

3 – Check your device
Make sure your computer is working properly beforehand and double check if all needed softwares are working and updated. Furthermore, assure your device is connected to a power source, so you don’t have any battery issues during the exam.
Lastly, check if your internet connection is stable and reliable

4- Prepare your space
Try to minimize distractions so you can focus on your exam. Turn off all notifications from social media, your phone, and email, and find a quiet spot for you. If you share the room with another person, ask them to stay quiet for the length of your exam.

5 – Be on time
If you begin your exam late you will not be accommodated for that lost time, so make sure you are ready for the exam 10 minutes before the scheduled time. Additionally, students aren’t allowed to join an exam once another student has already finished and submitted theirs.

6 – Technical problems
If you face any technical issues during an exam you need to do 3 things:
– Take a screenshot with as much detail as possible (the time, course, etc.).
– Join your instructor’s Zoom call and inform them of your issue.
– Send an email to with the screenshot you took. If your internet is not working please call us at (416) 640 0161.

All the best with your midterms!

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