Tips for International Students

  • HEALTH INSURANCE is mandatory for all International Students registered at St. Lawrence College.
  • You must have a VALID STUDY PERMIT and know when it expires and when to renew it.
  • WHEN YOU ARRIVE, drop by the college to meet us and to provide us with your most current contact information, as well as a copy of your study permit.
  • TUITION FEES must be paid on time or you cannot register for your classes.
  • PROGRAM WITHDRAWAL DATES, know when you can add or drop your classes.
  • TUITION REFUND system and how it works.
  • Know your RESPONSIBILITIES, be on time and attend your classes.
  • Know what E-Learning is, how to access it, and what it provides for you.
  • STUDENT SERVICES is here to help you. Ask us! Your friend may be wrong.