Welcome to

Spring 2022

Preparation Course

The Spring semester is quickly approaching and here, at Alpha College, we want to make sure all our students are well prepared to take the most out of their studies.

We know the many challenges international student face when they start their semester and this is why we have carefully prepared this Preparation Course for the Spring 2022 semester.

This course is completely online and you have the freedom to finish it at your own time. It will help you understand what will be required to be an International student at Alpha College

The course is divided in 4 sections, and each section is presented by one of our Staff members, so you can get to know a little bit more about us! We hope you enjoy it!

We wish you and exciting learning journey in this Spring 2022 semester!

Alpha College of Business and Technology

Lesson 1 – Introduction

Preparation is key for success! With your studies it should not be different and you need to get prepared for taking the most out of your studies.

Something you will use a lot during your journey at Alpha College is your E-learning and you need to make sure you know how to use it! 

The e-learning (NOTE: e-learning address recently changed to e2.alphacollege.ca) is the platform where you will find the links for your lectures, workbooks, assignments and exams, instructors messages and more!

This introduction lesson, with Davi Teixeira, will show you how to access your e-learning for the first time, how to navigate it, and how to change your password.

Lesson 2 - Features and assignments

You should now be able to access and navigate your e-learning portal (tip: there are many different ways to access your e-learning! e2.alphacollege.ca and elearning.alphacollege.ca are 2 different ways that work great)! 

This lesson, presented by Peter McCormack will introduce you some of the most important things you can find on your e-learning, such as learning plans, lectures links, and contacts.

You will also learn how your exams and assignments will look like, types of questions, and what your instructors will expect from you.

NOTE: e-learning address recently changed to e2.alphacollege.ca

Lesson 3 - Academic Honesty and Integrity

Integrity and honesty are values highly appreciated in any professional environment, and here at Alpha College it could not be different.

Alpha College is proud of being strict in terms of its Academic Policies and all students are expected to have a high level of honesty and integrity not only during their exams, but throughout their whole studies.

This lesson is presented by Daniel Mullin and it will give you a brief overview of what is Alpha College policy, how to correctly use the writing styles to write your assignments, researching resources, and more!

Lesson 4 - Student Success

You have mastered how to use your e-learning and you also know everything about integrity at Alpha College! Now you are ready to succeed as a student! 

In this last lesson, presented by Victoria Houle, you will learn what is the classroom etiquette for online activities. You will also learn time management and note taking skills, which are crucial for students who want to take the most out of their study journey.

Lastly, you will find guidance on how to contact your instructors and how to write professional emails to both your instructors and Alpha College staff.


You are now fully prepared for a brilliant journey at Alpha College!

Please remember that general questions can be sent to frontdesk@slc-alpha.ca.

You can check the academic policies at https://alphacollege.ca/academic-policies/

If you have issues with your e-learning account and you need assistance from our team, please contact us through our support system.