how to attend

Online courses

Starting March 18th, Alpha International Academy is delivering all classes through the online platform Zoom.

Students MUST attend the online classes during their normal class times, and they are responsible to check their schedule and keep track of any assignments/exams through their registered email at Alpha and E-Learning.

While we recommend students to use Laptops or tablets/Ipads, we also remind them that they can also use their phones to attend classes.

Visit on your laptop or find 'Zoom Cloud Meetings' on your phone (App Store or Google Play Store). It is a free download in either case!
Remember, if you are using your phone, you can watch our quick tutorial here!

Using Zoom, once you download the app and sign up with your email (the same email you registered with Alpha) you will be able to join meetings with the Meeting ID & password that your instructors give to you, or by following the link in the email they sent.

Your classes are scheduled during your normal class times, as shown in your timetable. You MUST attend during these times as attendance will be taken. 

You can use your phone for Zoom! We recommend you use a tablet, laptop or computer if you have one available but your phone works as well.

Visit and login, select 'Forgot Password?' then enter your email and they will reset your password for you.

You can comment in the Zoom chat, you can 'Raise your hand' under 'Participants' when you're in a Zoom meeting. Finally you can ask questions through discussion forums on E-Learning or over Email.

Go to E-Learning ( and select 'Forgotten your username or password?' then enter your Student ID under Username.

Login to Zoom on your mobile device, go to settings and at the top you can change your Display name & add a Profile Photo.

Zoom can use a lot of battery if you enable your camera so consider turning that off, also make sure you have your phone or laptop plugged in!

Check your email and E-Learning for updates, it's possible they are delivering their lectures without the use of Zoom. 

It is recommended to have Internet access, as it will make it easier for you to research and make your assignments. However, if you do not have Internet access you can easily have access to your online classes with your phone.


  1. Call one of the following numbers: 

    +1 778 907 2071
    +1 438 809 7799
    +1 587 328 1099
    +1 647 374 4685
    +1 647 558 0588

  2. Input your Meeting ID (your instructor will email you this number)
  3. That's it! You will be able to listen to your whole online class with no need to internet access!


If you have a question that is not listed above, do not hesitate to contact us at 416 640 0161 or

(416) 640-0161
3405 Kennedy Road, Toronto, ON, M1V 4Y3, CANADA

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