Spring 2020 - overseas students

Online classes for overseas students

Hello Alpha Students,

I hope you are continuing to stay healthy and safe during this time.

As you know, due to the COVID-19 situation in Canada and abroad, Alpha International Academy has made the decision to defer overseas student’s Spring/Summer 2020 admission to the Fall (September) 2020 intake.

Alpha has recently made the decision to offer limited availability of online classes for Spring/Summer 2020 intake for students still in the home country in the following programs:

  • K1080 Business
  • K0979 Tourism
  • K0878 Health Care Administration
  • K0819 Project Management
  • K0972 Human Resources
  • K1095 Supply Chain Management

As per the IRCC’s updated policy, students may complete up to 50% of their program outside Canada through an online delivery of classes.

These online classes will be available for students who are still in their home country and who have already received the approval for their Canadian student visa. There are limited seats available, and they are available on a first come, first served basis. The deadline to confirm your seat will be Wednesday May 13 2020.

For all other programs, students’ admissions have been deferred to Fall (September) 2020 intake and all LOAs have been sent to your agents.

Important notes and expectations regarding the online delivery of classes:

  • Students must have access to reliable and fast internet connection
  • Students must have access to sufficient resources to adequately support them (such as access to a computer with a webcam and microphone, a quiet study space)
  • Students are aware that there will be a LIVE delivery of the lectures, and that the class schedule will be from 9am – 6:30 pm EST and that they will attend all of their classes at the scheduled time
  • Students must watch all of the tutorial videos on the e-learning so that they are aware of how to submit assignments as well as complete online tests and exams
  • Students are responsible for knowing when their tests are scheduled and assignments due to be submitted
  • Students must attend the compulsory online orientation session which will take place in the week leading up to the start of the semester

For students who are unsure if online remote study is the right option for them, we are offering a 30-day FREE TRIAL period. If the students feel that online remote delivery is not for them and are not comfortable continuing their semester online, they will be able to request a deferral to the Fall (September) 2020 intake. This deferral must be requested within 30 days from the start of the online Spring/Summer 2020 classes so that they will not be charged for the semester and the fees will be transferred to Fall 2020. The deferral deadline is June 18, 2020. Students who request their deferral after the June 18th deadline or who choose to withdraw from Alpha, will be subject to our refund and withdrawal policy.

Please contact your agent if you are interested in this option, as soon as possible, so that we can send the registration and enrolment contract for you to fill out in full.

A copy of your Student Visa must be provided.

A student’s seat will not be confirmed in the Spring (May) 2020 intake until they receive a confirmation email from us with their class timetable.

Alpha International Academy