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Fall 2022

Only students directly invited by email to register for the Spring semester will be considered.

Please download, print and sign the 2 documents below. You will need to upload them in the documents section of your Registration form below.

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Personal information

Admissions Requirements

I understand and accept the following conditions regarding the online delivery of my program for the May / Spring 2022 semester.

Deferral and refund

Contract terms

1) Alpha College is affiliated with St. Lawrence College, which provides oversight over all curriculum, faculty, and operational quality for college level programs delivered at Alpha Campus. Students are considered enrolled at St. Lawrence College once admitted. Graduates will receive a St. Lawrence College-issued diploma or graduate certificate, depending on their program of study.

2) In order to successfully complete the program the Student must have completed all academic requirements of his/her program, and paid off all fees owing. Alpha College reserves the right to cancel this Enrolment Contract if the undersigned student does not attend classes during the first 14 days of the program begins.

3) Information of enrollment, attendance, and/or grading information will be shared with Citizenship and Immigration Canada when requested, in compliance with any applicable privacy legislation requirements.

4) Students are not guaranteed employment upon completion of the program requirements or graduation.

5) The Student is obligated to follow policies and procedures as provided in Alpha College’s Policy Manual, Alpha College’s Student Handbook, including Alpha College Refund Policy, St. Lawrence College's Academic Policy Manual, and any amendments or additions that the student is notified of.

6) The Student is responsible for ensuring full payment of his/her tuition, providing and keeping documents up-to-date, fulfilling all academic requirements, withdrawing from courses or the program if needed, notifying Alpha College of any changes or problems, applying for graduation, etc. By signing this contract, I fully understand and agree to the terms, conditions, policies, rules, and regulations which are described in the body, and documents referenced to in this contract.

Alpha College agrees to supply program to the student upon the terms herein mentioned. Alpha College may cancel this Enrolment Contract if the student does not meet the admission requirements before the program begins.

Academic Honesty and Integrity Policy

Academic honesty and integrity are highly valued at Alpha College as being essential to students as both learners and potential members of their chosen occupations. Therefore, any violation of academic honesty will be fully investigated and seriously punished. Academic Dishonesty is any type of cheating occurring in the academic field and includes, but is not limited to the following:

• Cheating on tests, assignments, or reports - this includes collaborating during exams;
• Fabricating data of any sort;
• Impersonating another student or allowing oneself to be impersonated;
• Plagiarism – defined as the act of presenting the ideas or words of another as one’s own. The use of others’ ideas or words must be adequately acknowledged and properly referenced. Plagiarism is to be distinguished from collaboration and cooperation on a group assignment;
• Dishonesty in any way when representing Alpha College as a student of this College;
• Storing information on an electronic device for use during a test or examination is not acceptable unless clearly permitted by a statement in individual course outlines;
• Groups are responsible for the academic honesty of their group members;
• Misrepresenting of materials obtained from the internet and use of unauthorized materials

Alpha College considers any such academic dishonesty to be a serious offense and the following disciplinary actions will be taken:

1st offense: Failure for the piece of work involved
2nd offense: Failure for the course in which the work was assigned
3rd offense: Student will be asked to withdraw & may be suspended for 2 years

I acknowledge that I have received, read, understood and agreed with:

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Based on your current status, you can not register for the Spring 2022 semester. Only students with a Study Permit, or an approved visa / PPR are eligible to register.
The registration deadline is April 25th and you can submit your registration with a valid PPR / Approved Visa until this deadline