DLI's in canada

What is a DLI and why is it important for your future in Canada

A DLI is the abbreviation of Designated Learning Institution. To make it simple, DLI’s are schools that are approved by Canada authorities to host international students, just like Alpha International Academy.

In other words, if you want to be an international student in Canada you must apply for a Designated Learning Institution. That’s why it is so important to verify if your institution is a DLI!

In addition, there is another benefit of checking if your College is a DLI: you can find out if your College allows you to apply for a Post Graduation Work Permit when you successfully graduate from your College program.

*It is important to note that not all DLIs make students eligible to apply for a PGWP.

Alpha is a Designated Learning Institution, under the number O19332845222. Alpha students who successfully graduate are eligible to apply for a Post Graduation Work Permit.

Alpha International Academy DLI number

In conclusion, if you are planning to apply to study in Canada, make sure your institution is on the list of DLI’s. Here is how to check if your College is a DLI:

1. Access the CIC website


2. Scroll to the bottom of the page

3. Select the province where your College is located – we are located in Ontario!

4. Type the name of your institution in the filter – to find us, you should type Alpha International Academy

5. You will find out if the College you are looking for is a Designated Learning Institution and if it allows you to apply for a Post Graduation Work Permit!

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