Academic policies

Any assignment, quiz or exam submitted late will be marked as 0%. This policy may be overruled by your instructor's class lateness policy, in which case the assignment, quiz or exam would be penalized according to their late policy.

Any missed assignment, quiz, exam, presentation or other assessment that was missed will be marked as 0%. If you were unable to complete your assignment, quiz, exam, presentation or other assessment due to a personal or medical emergency, documentation (i.e. doctor's note, hospital discharge report, etc.) must be provided within 10 days of the missed assessment, and approved by the Alpha Academic Team.

Credits you have earned at another Ontario Public College ( may be transferred to a corresponding course at Alpha College. 
In order for a course to be eligible to transfer, it must meet the following criteria:


A. The course must be at least 80% transferrable based on its learning outcomes. This will be assessed and approved by Alpha's Academic Team.

B. Your grade in the course must be 60% or above for Undergraduate studies, or above 67% for Postgraduate studies.

C. The course must have been passed within the last 24 months. 

D. The student must apply 10 days prior to the start of the term. 

For each course that meets the above criteria, you must submit the following to 10 days prior to the start of your semester.

You must also include the following documents:
A. The course outlines/syllabi of each course from the college you are transferring the credits from. Those can generally be found on your college e-portal, website or by request.
B. Your official transcript from the college you are transferring the credit from.

We are proud to offer students convenient class timetables, often leaving several days available for other personal & professional engagements.  We cannot adjust student timetables once they have been issued. If you have a scheduling conflict with a prior engagement (such as work) you must make the adjustment through your employer.

Student grades are determined by your instructor based on your academic performance in the course. Students have the right to ask for instructor feedback and request re-assessment, however instructors make the final grade determination.

Alpha College cannot make grade accommodations for any student for personal or financial reasons. 

Student GPAs are automatically calculated and made available on unofficial transcripts, which can be found on e-learning 2-4 weeks after each term.
If you would like to calculate your own GPA please use the following resource: